A False Start


He kissed his best friend's little sister, and the world stood still.

That night, they were two perfect strangers: the town's grumpy recluse and a gorgeous girl in the back of a bar. Until they weren't. Because Nadia Dalca isn't just some girl. She's the one girl Griffin Sinclaire can't have. Fourteen years younger than him and completely off-limits.

After their forbidden kiss, Griffin's plan is to stay away, but the universe keeps pushing them together. It's like some sort of cosmic joke, to give him a taste of something so electric—so real—something that breathed life back into him. Because he can look, but he can't touch her again.

But with her sinful curves, her lighthearted laugher, and her secret wild side, Griffin's addicted to every last bit of her. And when she turns those sultry eyes on him—the ones so full of longing, so free of judgment? Well, he's always considered himself a strong man, but for her, he's weak.

To give in to their connection would be a betrayal. Griffin's life is beyond complicated, and Nadia has the world at her fingertips. Her brother is the only family she has left, and as sad as it sounds, he's also Griffin's only friend.

But he kissed her again anyway.

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  • Paperback
  • Case Count: 1
  • Series: Gold Rush Ranch , Book 4
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